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Private House
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Подяка від Київського національного лінгвістичного університету

Acknowledgements from the Kyiv National Linguistic University

Acknowledging architectural studio “Bureau “Raden” ltd for the high quality, rapid accomplishment and mastery inventiveness in developing the project for the central building of the Kyiv National Linguistic University at 73, Velyka Vasylkivska st., in Kyiv.

Подяка від Посла Республіки Індія в Україні

Acknowledgements from the Ambassador of the Republic of India

Acknowledging architectural studio “Bureau “Raden” ltd for the support in production of the works connected with development of the urban planning rationale for “construction, exploitation and service of the complex of buildings and structures of the Embassy of Republic of India in Ukraine at 4, Viktora Zabily st., in Kyiv”. The accomplishment of the works is found high quality and responsible.

Подяка від готельного комплексу «Золотий Лев»

Acknowledgements from hotel complex “Zolotyi Lev”

Acknowledging architectural studio “Bureau “Raden” ltd for right solutions, high professionalism and competent and well-timed development of the project for the hotel “Zolotyi Lev” at 147-b, Kyivskyi Shliakh st., Boryspil city.

Подяка від ТОВ «Альбего»

Acknowledgements from Albego ltd

Acknowledging architectural studio “Bureau “Raden” ltd for high professional qualities and for producing the project of Restaurant complex “Tarilka” in time and on a high level. The client represented by Albego ltd considers the solution of the pavilion and the entry group especially successful. Being united in a single complex, it creates a special atmosphere of quietude, which apart from constituting the part of the city’s infrastructure, also belongs to the top ten best restaurants of Kiev.