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Geography of the practice

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Residential Complex In Kotovsk Town, Odessa Oblast
Residential Complex In Kotovsk Town, Odessa Oblast
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General fields of work:

  • Master plans of the small cities;
  • Territory layout plans;
  • Territory detailed plans;
  • Urban planning estimates;
  • Urban plan concepts;
  • Design of the multifunctional residential, office, retail, hotel, recreational, logistics, industrial etc. complexes;
  • Interior design of the residential and public premises;
  • Complex landscape design and architectural illumination projects;
  • Provision of the client’s function during the construction and the technical supervision over the construction or reconstruction processes;
  • Construction audit;
  • Involvement and collaboration with foreign architectural and design studious (including adaptations).

Urban planning

Urban planning documentation defines legal and organizational foundations for urban planning activities and it is aimed on provision of steady development of the territories with state, public and individual interests taken in account.


Architecture is an art and a science of designing and building structures as well as their complexes, and it’s also the buildings and structures themselves, which form the spatial environment for people’s life and activity. The functional (destination, the commodity), the technical (durability, the firmness) and the aesthetic (delight) properties of objects are interdependent in architecture.


Interior design is much more than just creation and arrangement of the objects inside the room. It’s an art and a science of managing your life. The genuinely and rightly designed interior is destined to reveal the essence of its owner, to fill every inch of the space with the sense and the beauty. That’s what we call a genuine interior.